Thursday, 11 December 2014

The leaves fell off our trunk, darling.

But I didn't want and couldn't squeeze saltiness out of my eyes when the time came.
You stained me
and the worst is, I let you.
The worst is I cannot turn back and untouch you.
You cannot turn back and touch my soul - deep inside it is already freezing.
The leaves fell off our trunk, darling.

And I didn't want to be silent and I didn't want to glare. 
I didn't want to sit beside you as you wanted me to, but in front of you.
I wanted to look into your eyes and find comfort in them.
My friend told me today that my eyes are ones she gets lost in. Eyes of innocence.
Why is it that you cannot look into them and see? 
See. Look. Explore. Lose yourself.
Drive your fingers through my soul
Carress my consciousness
Undress my mind.

I wanted you to touch my soul, not only my skin
I wanted you to be a longer eternity. 
Because every moment, as short as it is, is a momentary eternity. 
I just wanted you to be a long one.

The auburn leaves are crunchy beneath my feet.
And if you tell me that you don't know what to say,
I am at loss
because there is so much to say.

Is it too late for me to warm up around your campfire
that the winds blew out?

(c) Julia Tosi on deviantart.

Nocturnal Stream of Unconsciousness III

My throat is dry and my eyelids heavy
Will you be the Holy Water
That drains death
Lingering over the remains
Of sanity?
Can a sip of you
Reanimate dying cells
And vanquish gloomy thoughts?

(c) Lucy Evans