Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Sylvan Fae

But the Sylvan Fae just wants to frolick all day
Amidst the trees and forget-me-nots
On the cool moss she wants to lay
Picking the daisies and making knots
For a wreath of priceless gold
For a wreath that cannot be sold

The Sylvan Fae just wants to sing all evening
and watch the dragonflies sway and swing
From the oaks the sap is oozing and seeping
and untouched was she by the insects' sting
Wearing her wreath of priceless gold
Wearing a wreath that cannot be sold

But she remained alone, the Sylvan Fae
He who enchanted her spirit remains absent
He who has her heart in the grass does not lay
He's drowned in hypocras and ale and absinthe
Not seeing her wreath of priceless gold
Not seeing her wreath that cannot be sold

But she would never ever stop frolicking
The Sylvan Fae avowed and swore
For her world should stay merry and mesmerizing
For all the love the forest and faes for her bore

Here is a wreath of forget-me-nots and daisies
Crown yourself and fare on, valiant traveler
The Sylvan Fae blesses your way.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Nocturnal Streams of Consciousness I

Again, you filled your cup by emptying mine
Thank you, Mister, for your company
I should have let your cup fall
When I held it in my hand
I could have watched it shatter with a sound so sweet
The sound of defeat.
But it's okay, my dear, no harm is done
If you thought that a drought will ensue
Then I am sorry to deceive you
The ocean is my home, the river my refuge, the creek my sanctuary
The currents and streams will take me away
Floating and floating
It's okay my dear,
I am not afraid of shipwrecks

I love and hate you.
I want to kill you, yet at the same time weep in your arms
I want you to leave, yet I crave your touch
Leave me at once.
I cannot take this state of Limbo you inflict upon me
Leave me at once.
I wanted you too much.

And now
I feel numb
I jinxed it.
I don't care about anything anymore
Where is my sentimentalism, the excessively emotional side of me?
I feel nothing, I care for nothing, I don't mind anything at all.
You have torn out the bit of life I had kept aside
The bit of life I did not want to consume
the bit I kept to keep hoping.

Leave me at once.
I wanted you too much.
Too much.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Eveningless Days

I hop from stranger to stranger
From broken soul to broken soul
The broken becomes the breaker
The forsaken becomes the hunter
What is my mind doing on this summer evening?
Back into your gloomy nook, you little rebel
Don't dream too much of far away lands without breaking your chains first
Dream dream dream they say
As they break you
Run run run I say
Melt the iron and forge the steel for the blade
To decapitate false hopes and throw them to the hyenas
Die die die weak heart
Live live live on amaranthine gemstone called endurance
Here's to a tomorrow with no sighs
Run run run I say
Here's to a yesterday that will perish
Memories wailing
Flashbacks shrieking
As dusk breaks out and floods the eveningless days ahead
Flood flood flood my soul either with light
Or with your absence.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


1 am and I am sitting here on the floor in my room
While music is blasting at full volume from the speakers
Filling the silent house with a tune to stuff the void
The void of presences I cannot retrieve
The doors are shut and the living-room lights glimmer only for me
Only to give the impression that somebody is actually there
Lingering on the couch, watching the turned-off TV
Nobody minds the noisy loud music
Nobody tells me to go to sleep already
And nobody walks on tiptoes over into my room
To take the blanket that fell off in my sleep
To cover me gently
To watch my chest move up and down
To be there
To be an unfading amaranthine presence.

"I am awaiting the sunrise."