Thursday, 25 February 2016

Nocturnal Streams of Unconsciousness IV

Astray, ablaze, aloof
We wander the earth
The twists of this world coiled around our indecisiveness
curling up in the crevices of doubt and wanderlust
Between our ribs perches a hunger
While our brains only feed us the distilled
Quaff from the poison, bitter soul
and die a thousand deaths
Young soul, you are a phoenix
and cyanide is nothing against
the pair of wings that rip through your back
Beautiful soul, the doors of the stars are ajar
Now go and burn yourself to death.

Les ombres valsent autour de nous à jamais.

Reach for the starry gates
Again, memento mori.
Swing swing swing yourself up into the fragments of time
and reach for the explosives in the air
for the goosebumps on her skin
for the orgasms in the atoms of the universe
let the black holes devour you
and come back with bruises and scars
that Gaïa will lick
and you will heal and enchant and enthrall
Memento mori.
Go and burn yourself to death
You are made to set yourself ablaze
Smoke seeping through your lungs
and ashes on your tongue
Memento mori.
Go and immolate yourself,
burn burn burn,

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