Monday, 26 January 2015

Carry Your Coffin and I'll Carry Mine.

You're the anti-depressant that depresses me
The Lithium injected to make me mad
I wish I could bleed you out of my system
But there is no cure to this curse
You're the hearse that I willingly chose
to lead me to the altar
which was but a gloomy forest.

And at the altar
which was dark green pines and obscure oaks 
You put a crown of dead forget-me-nots
on my trembling head
And at the altar
I held out my pumping blue veins
Cut my veins to mix our blood
under the sight of the Gods
as I saw you step back in horror
My blood dripped down on the moss-covered stones
Scarlet rivers
Pastel blue tears
Monochromatic silence.

A few steps ahead of me I watch you walk away
Only to turn around and cheer me on
The moment I seem to catch up, 
A few steps ahead of me I watch you walk away

I carry a coffin behind me, following you down to the stream
Take my hand and drown me, I would not care
As long as you take my frozen hand, frostbitten and bleeding
From the ropes of the weight I am carrying
Sir, would you please help me carry this burden?
my voice cracks 
My lady, follow me you say
and fool that I am, I do.

A few steps ahead of me I watch you walk away
and fool that I am, I am still dragging on and on.
and fool that I am, I still think we'll reach the hollow of an oak
Where we'd spend the night of the Winter solstice
Wrapped up in each other
Where you'd hold me in your arms and say
and tell me how much you wanted me to carry your coffin too.

(The title is inspired from Tiamat's song title "Carry Your Cross and I'll Carry Mine")