Monday, 28 May 2018


Look at the sun, you told me
But night fell and I wanted to bathe in the river
Drown myself and feel alive
You were always warm
I look into what blinds the dam in me
It will hold up,
For now.


The waves have tried to take me
I resist the thrusts
Grabbing your warm hands,
I feel naufragé.
In a naked slumber,
I think of release.

Damaged cement?

In a gaping abyss I hide 
Knee-hugging and slightly shaking
Off lightheartedness.

Holding my breath
Your fingers are lost in space
I chase them
But I claw at a wall of graffiti.

I sleep with two eyes open
And your scent has left my pillow
But your smile is as radiant as always
It tears me apart.

There's a crack.
Or none?
Will it hold up
For now?

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