Wednesday, 3 August 2016

There is a day that is (never) coming.

He trapped me here.
I'm merely a time bomb now.
The TNT strapped to my heart detonates in


Where is the bang?
Or does dynamite decay as well?
Impervious as I am,
you can all see the smile
but you fail to see the maggots
cradling the detonation
Rot has taken over.
I do not speak.
I do not bleed salt.
My face is a blank slate.

He trapped me here

One day I will. One day I will. One day I will.

That one day that I've been consoling myself with for ages
That one day that just doesn't come
No matter how I count the days
No matter how much I twist the notions of time
And no matter how much I try to fill my belly with butterflies
In the end, they're all moths, drawn to the light
that kills them in the end.

I cannot wait to go home
Away from this place
Qway from this toxicity
Toxic city
Toxic streets
Toxic people.

Beware of living in my chest,
I have become cyanide
I have become someone I am not
I cannot recognize myself.

But I can hear the violin playing from afar.
I can smell the pine trees.
I can hear their joyful laughter
I feel a faint touch of warmth on my cheek
From where your kiss burnt me.

Home is out there,
Waiting for me to auto-destruct
And be reborn again.



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